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Alyssa Milano Shares Her Abortion Journey

Actress Alyssa Milano disclosed her experience of having two abortions on a recent episode of her podcast, Sorry Not Sorry.

Opening up in an episode titled “My Abortion Story,” Milano bravely revealed details of her past.

Reflecting back to 1993, Milano recalled being deeply in love for the first time, experiencing overwhelming emotions that consumed every aspect of her life with joy and power.

Despite being on the birth control pill at the time, she realized she was not prepared for parenthood, especially with her flourishing acting career post her success on Who’s the Boss.

Adding to her contraceptive measures, Milano was also taking Accutane, a medication known for causing birth defects during pregnancy.

She emphasized the importance of her decision to use birth control given the risks associated with Accutane.

Despite being diligent with contraception, Milano found herself facing an unexpected pregnancy, which led her to make the difficult choice of having an abortion.

Raised in the Catholic faith, she grappled with the conflict between her personal beliefs and the reality of her situation, ultimately making a decision that aligned with her future aspirations.

Expressing the turmoil she felt due to societal judgments and religious pressures, Milano stood firm in her choice, emphasizing the autonomy she exercised over her own body and reproductive rights.

She refused to conform to outdated moral standards that stigmatize women’s s**ual freedom.

After her first abortion, Milano continued her relationship while taking precautions, only to discover another pregnancy shortly after.

Once again, she made the decision that she believed was best for her circumstances, highlighting the importance of having agency over her own reproductive health.

In light of recent restrictive abortion laws, Milano contemplated the impact of not having had the abortions, acknowledging the profound blessings in her life that stemmed from those decisions.

From her cherished children to her fulfilling career and advocacy platform, she recognized the pivotal role her choices played in shaping her present reality.

Recounting the trajectory of her life post-abortions, Milano underscored the freedom and self-realization she gained, emphasizing the significance of fighting for autonomy and individual agency in a world filled with challenges and limitations.

Beyond sharing her personal narrative, Milano has been actively engaged in advocating against stringent abortion regulations, using her platform to raise awareness and spark conversations about women’s rights and bodily autonomy.

Her activism extends to supporting grassroots initiatives aimed at empowering voters and combating oppressive policies, showcasing her commitment to driving positive change in society.