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Explosive Audio: Mel Gibson Confesses to Assaulting Oksana, Issues Death Threats

In a shocking turn of events, Mel Gibson, currently under scrutiny for allegations of domestic violence, has openly admitted to physically assaulting Oksana Grigorieva and menacingly threatened her life not once, but twice, as revealed in an exclusive audio recording made public by RadarOnline.com.

The distressed actor, in a fit of rage, confronts the mother of their eight-month-old daughter Lucia, callously stating, “you deserved it,” following her accusation of him hitting her and causing dental injuries.

Mel’s startling confession could serve as damning evidence against him in the ongoing investigation by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, which is poised to be forwarded to the district attorney’s office.

The newly surfaced audio captures a frenzied Mel, depicted in an uncontrollable state, resorting to screams and heavy panting, showcasing one of the most intense, erratic episodes ever recorded involving a prominent Hollywood figure.

The raw intensity of the recording can be exclusively heard on RadarOnline.com.

Not only does this tape spell trouble for Mel within the domestic violence inquiry, but it also raises the specter of potential additional criminal charges stemming from the explicit death threats clearly audible on the recording.

A word of caution accompanies the audio due to its explicit and offensive language, left unaltered to fully convey the force of Mel’s outburst.

RadarOnline.com emphasizes that the tape remains unedited to retain the raw impact of Mel’s tirade.

During the heated exchange between Mel and Oksana, the renowned actor, known for his role in “Braveheart,” escalates his fury, suggesting violent actions, such as striking her with a bat on the head, amidst the escalating tension.

As the dispute unravels further, Mel veers into darker territory, hinting at grave consequences, including death and burial.

Oksana’s admonition that he will be held accountable someday triggers a volatile response from Mel, insinuating another chilling threat, expressing his capability to harm her and bury her in a rose garden.

On July 5, Oksana lodged a formal complaint with law enforcement, instigating a probe into Mel’s alleged domestic violence.

Reports indicate that Oksana resorted to recording Mel due to his purported death threats, instilling a genuine fear for her safety.

Additional sections of the audio, not publicly disclosed, purportedly contain Mel’s threats to set her house ablaze.

This exclusive audio unveiled by RadarOnline.com corroborates Oksana’s claims of physical altercation, with Mel himself acknowledging the act of punching her, affirming earlier assertions that he had caused severe injuries, including knocking out her frontal teeth.

The pivotal exchange captured in the audio underscores Oksana’s poignant question on the nature of a man who resorts to violence against a woman, especially when she is holding their child, followed by Mel’s callous retort, dismissing her trauma with a cold assertion of deserving the abuse.