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Sinatra’s Charm: The Untold Story of His Romance with Angie Dickinson

During the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, actress Angie Dickinson shared intimate details about her “on-and-off” relationship with the iconic Frank Sinatra.

The 83-year-old star of “Police Woman” revealed intriguing insights at a Citi credit cards event hosted by Ben Mankiewicz.

The sparks between Sinatra and Dickinson ignited back in 1953 when she made an appearance on the “Colgate Comedy Hour.”

Summoned to his dressing room by Sinatra’s bodyguard, Dickinson found herself in a flirtatious exchange with the legendary singer.

Sinatra, known for his charisma, casually inquired about her relationship status before smoothly asking for her number.

Recalling the incident with a playful wink over six decades later, Dickinson reminisced about Sinatra’s magnetic personality and his undeniable charm.

She described him as one of the most captivating men she had ever encountered, highlighting his distinctive voice and straightforward demeanor that left no room for pretense.

Their connection deepened when Dickinson portrayed Sinatra’s on-screen wife in the 1960 film “Ocean’s 11.”

Despite directorial requests for additional takes, Sinatra’s confidence in their initial performance led him to call it a wrap after the first shoot.

Known for his impatience with filmmaking, Sinatra’s decisive nature left an impression on Dickinson.

Reflecting on her encounters with other Hollywood luminaries, Dickinson shared anecdotes about Richard Burton and Marlon Brando.

While Burton was renowned for his affairs with co-stars, Dickinson maintained a professional distance during their collaboration on “The Bramble Bush” in 1960.

In contrast, her interaction with Brando during “The Chase” in 1966 delved into more provocative territories as he engaged her in discussions about sexuality that pushed boundaries.

These glimpses into Dickinson’s past experiences shed light on the allure and complexities of relationships within the entertainment industry.

From Sinatra’s suave advances to Brando’s enigmatic conversations, each interaction unraveled a different facet of Hollywood’s golden era.

Dickinson’s candid revelations offer a captivating glimpse into a bygone era where passion, talent, and intrigue intertwined on and off the silver screen.