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Princess Diana’s Revelations: Unveiling Her Struggles and Secrets

Twenty-five years have passed since the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales in a fatal car accident in Paris.

The latest season of The Crown delves into a fictionalized portrayal of her final years, shedding light on intriguing aspects of her life.

The fifth season of the popular Netflix series, which focuses on Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, spans from 1990 to 1997.

In a pivotal moment during the second episode set in 1991, Diana (portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki) is depicted recording her “secret tapes,” later shared with her friend James Colthurst and used by Andrew Morton for his book, Diana: Her True Story.

In this episode, Diana candidly reveals, “When I was pregnant with William, I threw myself down the stairs at Sandringham.”

These recordings raise questions about the authenticity of her statements and the revelations made on these tapes.

Reports from that era and Morton’s book suggest that Diana made several attempts on her life during her marriage to Prince Charles.

Morton detailed how the Queen Mother was shocked to find Diana at the foot of the stairs after one such incident, expressing profound dismay at the scene.

Following Morton’s book release, Buckingham Palace remained tight-lipped, stating, “We are not inclined to fuel a war of words regarding Charles and Diana’s reactions.”

The Queen Mother refrained from addressing the accuracy of these claims, maintaining silence on the matter.

Diana later opened up about her mental health struggles and battle with bulimia in a groundbreaking 1995 interview with Martin Bashir on the BBC.

She described bulimia as a “secret disease” stemming from low self-esteem, emphasizing how it served as a coping mechanism.

Attributing her bulimia to her tumultuous marriage with Charles, Diana expressed feeling misunderstood, with her distress being misconstrued.

People labeled her as unstable, using her eating disorder as a superficial explanation for her challenges.

The portrayal of Diana’s bulimia in The Crown’s fourth season shed light on the profound impact of her struggles.

Actress Emma Corrin, who embodied a young Diana, emphasized the importance of authentically representing her story, acknowledging the significance of addressing sensitive topics on screen.

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