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Meghan Markle’s Actions Draw Criticism for Being ‘Controlling’

Meghan Markle has been under fire for her apparent need to always be the sole woman beside Prince Harry.

A recent video circulating on social media captured a moment where Meghan seemed determined to separate a woman from standing next to her husband at a polo event last week.

At the Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Fla., the Duchess of Sussex was seen making efforts to discreetly guide the unidentified woman away from Prince Harry as they stood on stage together.

Despite the woman’s initial reluctance, Meghan persistently signaled for her to shift positions, even verbally inviting her to join her side.

The interaction sparked various reactions online, with many criticizing Meghan for her behavior.

Comments labeled her as “controlling,” “mortifying,” and accused her of lacking grace and a generous spirit.

Some went as far as suggesting that Meghan’s actions stemmed from insecurity about her relationship with Prince Harry, insinuating that she felt threatened by other women around him.

People online expressed disdain towards Meghan, believing that her actions reflected possessiveness and a need to assert her dominance over her husband in public settings.

The incident fueled further speculations and criticisms regarding Meghan’s conduct and demeanor, with some questioning her motives and intentions behind such seemingly controlling behavior.

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