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Prince Harry and Prince William’s Relationship Beyond Repair, Author Reveals

Rumors speculating an amelioration in the bond between Prince Harry and his birth family appear to be misleading.

According to Omid Scobie, the unofficial biographer of Prince Harry and Meghan with credible sources, grievances persist, indicating a deep-seated rift in the brothers’ relationship.

Scobie asserts that William is unwilling to reconcile with his “defector” brother, viewing him as being excessively influenced by therapists in California.

Harry, feeling isolated when his family failed to update him on the queen’s health before her passing, expresses disappointment that William refuses to engage in meaningful conversations.

Although Harry acknowledges the unlikelihood of reconciliation, he remains disheartened by the stagnant state of their relationship.

Scobie, renowned for his book “Finding Freedom,” which delved into the Sussexes’ departure from the royal family, is now unveiling a new publication named “Endgame” that sheds light on the royal dynamics.

In an interview with People magazine, Scobie discloses insider perspectives, one of which labels Harry as a “defector” from William’s standpoint.

Since Harry released his memoir “Spare,” Scobie notes that no progress has been made in resolving the animosity between the brothers.

Instead, feelings of hurt and resentment have solidified into indifference, further distancing William from Harry.

In an excerpt from Scobie’s upcoming book, it is revealed that William perceives Harry and Meghan’s actions as blindsiding the family, including the queen, and mocks their newfound self-importance associated with California.

Sources suggest that William believes Harry has been heavily influenced by therapy, leading to an unrecognizable version of his brother.

The publication of Harry’s memoir exacerbated tensions, leaving William feeling betrayed, sorrowful, and alienated from the altered version of Harry.

Scobie underscores the irreversibility of the situation, portraying Harry as a perceived threat to the monarchy due to his independent thinking outside traditional confines.

Additionally, Scobie discloses details surrounding the chaotic events following the queen’s demise, painting a picture of Harry being excluded from crucial family communications.

Despite attempts to reach out to his brother during the queen’s passing, Harry received no response, eventually chartering a private plane to travel posthumously to Balmoral.

With revelations about the family’s handling of the queen’s death, including the lack of communication with Harry until last minute, Scobie emphasizes the strained relationship dynamics within the royal household.

The insensitive timing of the palace’s announcement of the queen’s passing, preceding Harry’s arrival, left him feeling desolate and disregarded by his family.