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Prince William’s Concerns About Harry’s Alleged Influence by Therapists

In the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, the ongoing feud between Prince William and Prince Harry has escalated significantly.

Renowned royal editor-at-large Omid Scobie sheds light on the deepening divide between the brothers in his upcoming book.

Despite the release of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series and Harry’s revealing memoir, “Spare,” the rift shows no signs of reconciliation.

Expressing his sentiments, William reportedly feels blindsided by Harry and Meghan’s public grievances and their perceived self-importance.

He is convinced that Harry has been swayed by a team of therapists, leading to a noticeable change in his behavior that has left William feeling estranged from his once-familiar brother.

A close associate of William disclosed, “There’s a strong undercurrent of resentment.

The sense of betrayal and disappointment runs deep.

While acknowledging the pain, William also disputes Harry’s perspective on the events that transpired, lamenting the loss of the Harry he once knew.”

Contrary to William’s stance, a representative from the Spencer family rebuffed these claims, emphasizing that Harry’s transformation involves adopting a fresh outlook outside the confines of traditional royal norms.

The ideological gap between the siblings seems insurmountable at this juncture, setting them on divergent paths with little hope of reconciliation.

This sentiment resonates in Harry’s recent interviews following his decision to step back from his senior royal duties in 2020.

In a candid conversation earlier this year, Harry expressed his enduring love for his brother despite the turbulent dynamics between them over the past years.

He clarified that his intentions were never to harm his family through his disclosures but rather to provide a comprehensive account of their shared experiences and dispel misconceptions about his wife’s role in their strained relationship.