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Prince William Concerned About Prince Harry’s Influence by Therapists: Revelations from “Endgame”

Prince William has expressed his concerns regarding the impact of therapy on his relationship with his brother, Prince Harry.

According to Omid Scobie’s latest book, “Endgame,” the Duke of Cambridge believes that Prince Harry has been unduly influenced by a multitude of therapists.

Contrary to Harry’s previous statements implying a sense of entrapment within the royal system, William reportedly feels disconnected from any such constraints imposed by the Firm.

Scobie discloses that following his father’s coronation in May, Harry confided in a friend about coming to terms with the fractured state of his family, expressing uncertainty about the need for apologies or accountability at this juncture.

In his revealing memoir titled “Spare,” the founder of the Invictus Games recounts an incident where William questioned the possibility of Harry being ‘brainwashed’ during a therapy session, although William himself never attended such sessions.

Within the extensive 400-page narrative, Harry reflects on his deep-seated fears materializing as he felt alienated from his elder brother after undergoing months of therapy to enhance self-awareness and independence.

In the wake of the memoir’s publication, sources close to the royal family conveyed concerns over Harry’s perceived immersion in what they described as a ‘cult of psychotherapy,’ alongside his spouse, Meghan Markle.

The insider further shared that King Charles and Queen Camilla find themselves in a constricted position within the Windsor clan, unable to engage openly due to apprehensions of information leakage to the media through Harry’s potential disclosures for personal gains.

The breakdown of trust within the family dynamics has led to an impasse, hindering genuine communication or expressions between the members, as every utterance carries the risk of public exposure, creating a sense of confinement and vulnerability among the royals.